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Hi there! I just finished the manga Hana to Akuma and it was super good! So if you haven't read it you really should! It's super cute!

Sorry I’m late replying. I’ve been travelling all day.

I’ve certainly looked at this manga before but now I’ve had confirmation that its good I’ll give it a go. Thanks for sharing it. I’m glad you found something you really enjoyed at least!

Sarah xx ( ^ω^ )

Recommended Reading - Mrs Angel

This week it’s another webcomic! Featuring a strong, independent lady - Mrs Angel

Side note: I would have liked to do Kare Kano because someone recommended it last week but since I haven’t read it before and to save time this week I chose something else. Kare Kano will come up later.


A gangster girl in high school decides it’s time to live life properly after graduating by marrying a nice man and living a normal life. However, her past as a gangster constantly threatens to come out from time to time and she has trouble holding back. And when she has a daughter…apples don’t fall far from the tree.


This webcomic is funny and awesome. There’s already a well established plot with lots of cliff hangers and mysterious characters while remaining light hearted and hilarious at points. I would certainly recommend it for any webcomic/josei/oresama teacher fan.