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Hi all!
You may not remember but ages ago I said I would do a giveaway over the summer to celebrate reaching a 1000 followers. Well the good news is that I have planned what I’m going to do and have bought the materials. Everything is going to be handmade this time and there will be multiple prizes to be won. Fingers crossed it all goes well!! Hope you’re all excited. (^^)

Sarah x

Recommended Reading ~ Like a Bird

This week it’s yet another beautiful webtoon - Like A Bird

A tale of a child who had nothing and a man who lost everything.

Let me begin by saying that, once again, Korean webcomics with their mysterious characters and beautiful artwork have hooked me again!! I just binge read all the scanlators chapters while listening to the Okami OST and I was wrapped up in a hanbok filled fantasy land. The only negative I would say is that while the opening chapters were strong the power fades away a little but the most recent chapters have been returning to the interesting plot line and make me think the author is building up to something great. Overall, would definitely recommend reading even if only to stare at the pretty pictures!